How to Use the Microphone in the Touchjet App

Step 1: To turn on the microphone feature in the Touchjet App, please follow the steps below. If you do not have the Microphone feature, please go to Step 2.


Step 2

Please update the Firmware on your WAVE.

This Firmware update will allow users to use the Microphone feature in the Touchjet App on your smartphone for voice control and for video conferencing.

1. Download the Firmware file onto a USB thumb drive.

2. Insert the USB thumb drive into the 2nd USB port on the back of the WAVE Android box.

3. Launch the "Update&Backup" app

4. Tap "Select" and tap on the file ""

5. Tap "Update" to start the firmware upgrade process. Follow instructions on the screen.

Once completed, you can use the microphone feature in the Touchjet App for voice commands and for video conferencing. Go to Settings in your Touchjet App and turn on Microphone.




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